Please note our new address

The London Community Foundation
Unit 7, Piano House
9 Brighton Terrace
London SW9 8DJ

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How it works

Love Kingston aims to develop the Kingston Legacy Fund to support our community for generations to come. Your donation will not only meet future needs but can have an immediate impact through annual grant-making to local causes.

For the next three years (from 1 November 2015) our grant-making will support projects that are tackling isolation and encouraging integration across the borough.

Our model 

  • 20% of donations to annual grant making pot
  • 70% of donations invested in the Kingston Legacy Fund – with capital growth and interest to grant making pot
  • 10% of donations to The London Community Foundation

The London Community Foundation is a not for profit charity. We ask for a contribution to our costs to cover all elements of fund management

  • Gift Aid donations to grow the Love Kingston catalyst fund

Gift Aid, sponsorship and direct donations to the Love Kingston catalyst supports marketing and other related costs, along with help towards core funding for the fundraising manager post.

Over the past five years for every £1 invested in catalyst The London Community Foundation has raised a further £34 on top, delivered to frontline charities and community groups

Donors can set up their own Donor Advised Funds under the Love Kingston umbrella with grant-making ring-fenced for the borough. We will work them individually on their grant-making.

Exact criteria, guidelines and timelines for future grant-making from Love Kingston will depend on the amount available for spend.

Grants from the Fund will be made annually and in accordance with The London Community Foundation’s broad charitable purposes. Grant-making will be in line with the charitable purposes, criteria and adopted parameters of the Love Kingston Fund as agreed by The London Community Foundation Board of Trustees in partnership with KVA.